Qube Exhibition, Oswestry

In late 2018, Andrew Howe (Shropshire, UK) and Kim V. Goldsmith (NSW, Australia) began working together via the international art programme, (Arts) Territory Exchange.  They each researched and made many visits to make field recordings in their respective wetlands at the Fenn’s, Whixall and Bettisfield Mosses (UK) and Macquarie Marshes (Australia).  Their individual and collaborative work reflects local differences and shared global challenges for these fragile environments on opposite sides of the planet.

This exhibition at Qube, Oswestry during October 2021, featured video, sound, prints, paintings and collage revealing hidden narratives that the artists explored in their research, in conversations with each other and with people from the communities local to the wetlands.

Published by andhowe

I am a visual artist, based in Shrewsbury, making paintings, photography, books and digital media inspired by walking. My artistic practice focuses on the interaction between people and places.

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