Mosses and Marshes book

A publication by artists Andrew Howe and Kim V. Goldsmith about their collaborative Mosses and Marshes project, connecting the Ramsar-listed wetlands at the Fenn’s Whixall and Bettisfield Mosses (UK) and Macquarie Marshes (NSW, AUS). Their individual and collaborative work reflects local differences and shared global challenges for these fragile environments on opposite sides of the planet.

The project raises important questions about the future of these landscapes, bringing together voices from within the project team and from local communities in the debate. The book goes beyond the artworks to expand on the various themes of the artists’ research (2019-2021) in texts and an array of beautiful images, with contributions from exhibition curators, scientists, land managers, and cultural specialists.

Edited by Dr Liz Charpleix, with a foreword by Dave Pritchard (Ramsar Culture Network), the book features contributions from curators Gudrun Filipska (UK), Jamie Lea Trindall (AUS), ecological, environmental and cultural writings by Tim Hosking (Department of Planning, Industry and Environment), Fleur and Laurance Magick Denis of Milan Dhiiyaan, Sooty Welsh (Wayilwan Elder/artist), Cathie Sleigh (Shropshire Wildlife Trust), Robert Duff (Natural England), and many other project partners and people from the communities around the Mosses and Marshes who have been generous with their time in engaging with the project.

A5 landscape, 112 full colour pages on 130gsm uncoated paper, with 300gsm soft touch laminated finish paperback cover, with graphic overlay design by Wayilwan Elder, Sooty Welsh.

Limited edition
ISBN: 0645294608, 9780645294606

£15 plus P&P

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